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When a client does not want to hire Skip Bins North Shore for a long period of time, we take care of that by offering the short term hire services.  They go for as long as 1 or 2 days with rates that we have made to be much cheaper so that they’re not the same as those for longer hires. For short renovations and events that are more of clean ups, such short term hires tend to take care of all our clients’ needs. It’s not once or twice that we have given these services to people who are looking for a way to deal with waste accumulation within a short period following an activity.

For clients who require short term hire, the activities or functions that they’re usually taking care of do not take more time than is needed during moving or taking away the wastes. There are still other options where we give the client some time to load the wastes and then we take it away within the same day. During the time that we have been serving our customers, we`ve realized that it’s not at all times that they require skip bins for use in the long term. Thais is why we even have mini skips that can handle smaller loads of the wastes. These just happen to be of the smallest sizes that any person can access in the market.

Despite the size of the smaller bins, they’re fully capable of handling weight that is bulky. The material that is used in making them is the same as that used for the larger bins.  This is because we don’t want to compromise with the quality of the smaller bins because they handle the same wastes but of lesser quantities. This means that they’re just as strong as the other types and the quality is not less in any way. Although they’re light weight, we guarantee our clients that they’ll not have a single worry when using them.

Depending on the duration or period that our clients require the Skip Bins North Shore, we offer them for that time. It might be days, months and sometimes even weeks. For homeowners that need the skip bins, it’s always good when they know that they’ve got them no matter when they’re needed. There is never any rush when one has the bins right there.  We offer this provision so that our clients can stay orderly and in a neat environment.

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