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What is the importance of a skip bin?

Skip bins are important for varied applications ranging from home use during constructions to use in industries that deal with functions like manufacture. In these kinds of places, these types of bins are needed for what is referred to as a clean-up job.  Their design makes them good to handle wastes of different sizes to handle heavy garbage. After one has put in all the wastes they want to get rid of, we then make our way to their premises so that we can take the bins away.

What am I allowed to put in the bins?

Considering the huge number of items that one can place in the skip bins, there are some which are recommended. These include materials which are solid and dry. These are the allowed materials for storage in the skip bins. These can be items like dirt, plastics and rocks. In other cases or when there are other materials one wants to dispose, we are able to provide the right type of bins for that.

What can I put in the bins?

There is certain material that is not allowed in the bins. This includes asbestos and even car tires.  The reason why there are materials that are not acceptable for this purposes is because they cannot be left in landfills. In case one is not sure about the items that he or she can put in there, then talking to any one of our team members would be helpful because they’ll help to clarify this and any other issues.

What’s the cost of hiring skip bins?

Although most people think that there is a standard cost of hiring the skip bins, it all depends on various factors. This includes the location where the skip bins are needed because of the delivery process. The other factors include the size of skip bin that is needed and the time period that it’s going to be hired for.

What types and sizes of bins are available?

There are different types of bins depending on the need of the client and the wastes that are needed to be transported. Our clients have the freedom to choose any type of bin. The size of the bins also varies from one to the other because they’re made and designed in different ways. Depending on the amount of wastes that our clients need to get rid of, we are able to advise them on the best choice for their needs.

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